Unwrap Wonder: transposing chocolate with human development and discovery

unwrap wonder: pyramids of Gyza with a hershey's kiss as the top of one pyramid

Unwrapping a Hershey’s Kiss when you are young is a special moment – it is a mini present containing delicious milk chocolate. This mock ad campaign takes the wonder of that moment and transposes it to other conceptions of wonder, such as the Wonder of the Worlds and the wonder of scientific discovery. Along with this campaign is a digital experience using augmented reality to get users to unwrap wonder to win!

Wonders of the world

Humans have created awe-inspiring creations, none more impressive than the Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal. The the first ad (above), the gold Hershey’s Kiss completes one of the pyramids and in the second ad, the silver kiss is the crowning dome of the Taj Mahal.

Unwrap wonder: chocolate kiss atop the Taj Mahal

Wonder of discovery

In the next iteration of the mock ad campaign transposes the wonder of unwrapping a Kiss to the wonder of scientific discovery. In this ad, the Kiss replaces the volcano in the iconic baking soda and vinegar science experiment that many of us relate to as our first brush with science.

unwrap wonder: a kid looking at volcano science experiment with a red kiss in place of the volcano

Unwrap wonder to win

A digital tie in for the Unwrap Wonder campaign would to harness the augmented reality app Blippar to get users to engage with the campaign to win prizes. The prizes could all relate to wonder, such a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, trips to Wonders of World locations, meet Stevie Wonder, Wonder Woman LA opener, etc.

The below GIF captures the user actions required to Unwrap Wonder to Win. Download Blippar and point it a Hershey’s kiss to see if you have won.

unwrap wonder to win: augmented reality campaign tie in

Biodiversity is Clean Water: connecting the abstract to the tangible

biodiversity is clean water: whale inside a glass of water

Living in a biodiverse world with robust species, genetic and ecosystem diversity will result in many tangible benefits to society from pharmaceuticals development, clean water, better food, a buffer against climate change and more. It is not an easy concept to get your head around when you are talking about rock climbers getting banned from a park or removing tracks of land, rich in minerals, from development.

This campaign, perfect for the WWF or another large conservation group, aims to help connect the abstract to the tangible through something everyone can understand – we all drink water from a glass. What brings us natural clean water is the same thing that keeps the forests healthy, animals running and whales swimming.

biodiversity is clean water: a tree inside a glass of water

biodiversity is clean water: a cheetah inside a glass of water


Live Smart Drive Tesla: the technology you’ve been waiting for

Smart phones don't run on gas mock ad

With the introduction of the new Tesla Model 3, an affordable electric car, the mock ad campaign promotes the new zero-emission technology as the innovation we’ve been waiting for. While the cost will be a major signal for people, making the transition to an electric car will require more than just a price tag. This campaign helps emphasize the technology as the logical next step for our society to help move the consumer from the status quo to the future.

Redefining low-carbon movement

The first ad in the series (above) visualizes the Model 3’s acceleration speed (zero to 100 km/h in 3 seconds) along a odometer with the acceleration speeds of other low-carbon modes of transport (cheetah, man, turkey and tree). It’s having some fun, while also subtly not putting the car on the same spectrum as other gas-powered cars. Rather, the car competes with the spectrum of speed found in the natural environment. It is the the evolution of movement. The message is adapt or be left behind.

Smart phones don’t run on gas

The next ad putting a gas engine on a smart phone helps the viewer understand the connection of the electric car innovation in context with their own adoption of cell phone technology. The future is battery powered and the electric car will soon do to gas-powered cars what smart phones did to landlines: make them obsolete.

smartphones don't run on gas mock ad campaign

Signs of Summer: Evoking classic images to motivate

The Signs of Summer is a mock seasonal marketing campaign perfect for large retailers like Canadian Tire to advertise their summer goods. The ads, evoking the images of summer, help get people thinking about summer living and the products they need to help take advantage of the season.

Air pump

The first Signs of Summer ad (above) gets viewers tuned into summer through an image of a gas station air pump. A place many of us visit at the start of summer to inflate our bike tires or basketballs. It’s an annual ritual for most Canadians looking to get active outdoors with summer activities after a long winter.

Suntan at the beach

We all have been there, once the good weather comes, we hit the beach a little too hard and get that first tan (no the red will turn brown, yah for sure) of the summer. The ad plays on that all-too-familiar experience to get the viewer thinking about what they need to hit the beach to enjoy their summer.


Robin and the worm

Nothing evokes the changing seasons like a robin catching the first worm of the spring season. It’s an image that elicits thoughts about backyard grass and gardens and the products needed to maintain and enjoy the backyard.

robin catching a worm advertisement

Social: show us your signs

The signs of summer social tie-in would look to get on-line users engaged with sharing their own signs of summer to win a summer prize pack. Alternatively, various promotional physical signs could be strategically located across various participating cities to get users to find the signs to be entered into draws to win big. This action could be cross-promoted through the Amazing Race-type companies catering to corporations and the general public.

twittercampaign to support signs of summer campaign