Live Smart Drive Tesla: the technology you’ve been waiting for

Smart phones don't run on gas mock ad

With the introduction of the new Tesla Model 3, an affordable electric car, the mock ad campaign promotes the new zero-emission technology as the innovation we’ve been waiting for. While the cost will be a major signal for people, making the transition to an electric car will require more than just a price tag. This campaign helps emphasize the technology as the logical next step for our society to help move the consumer from the status quo to the future.

Redefining low-carbon movement

The first ad in the series (above) visualizes the Model 3’s acceleration speed (zero to 100 km/h in 3 seconds) along a odometer with the acceleration speeds of other low-carbon modes of transport (cheetah, man, turkey and tree). It’s having some fun, while also subtly not putting the car on the same spectrum as other gas-powered cars. Rather, the car competes with the spectrum of speed found in the natural environment. It is the the evolution of movement. The message is adapt or be left behind.

Smart phones don’t run on gas

The next ad putting a gas engine on a smart phone helps the viewer understand the connection of the electric car innovation in context with their own adoption of cell phone technology. The future is battery powered and the electric car will soon do to gas-powered cars what smart phones did to landlines: make them obsolete.

smartphones don't run on gas mock ad campaign